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March 25, 2022

Venture Carolina Announces Inaugural Class of the Palmetto Venture Fellowship

Venture Carolina, a nonprofit dedicated to bridging the funding gap between investors and entrepreneurs, has partnered with VentureSouth and the South Carolina Department of Commerce’s Office of Innovation to launch the Palmetto Venture Fellowship, a program that will create more local accredited investors and expand risk-capital accessibility for early-stage startups in South Carolina.

The Palmetto Venture Fellowship, which recently kicked off in Columbia, will utilize a seven-part workshop series to expose participants to the intricacies associated with early-stage capital formation. The program, with an inaugural class of 38 participants (see list below), will run through October 2022.

“We are thrilled to announce our inaugural class of fellows—a group that is diverse in so many ways,” said Venture Carolina Executive Director Charlie Banks. “The foundation this inaugural class is setting not only sets a precedent for future classes, but it also represents a tangible building block for the sustainability of South Carolina’s innovation economy. I was truly blown away at the combined talent and energy in that room.”

Several members of the inaugural Venture Fellows class echo Banks’ sentiments and are excited for what the future holds for South Carolina.

Michael Nix, President of Verity Investment Partners in Beaufort and Chairman of the South Jobs and Economic Development Authority (JEDA), stated, “I’m in awe at the gathering of such a diverse group of professionals all willing to advance early-stage and venture investment in our state. I’m energized by the potential of this fellowship program and its impact on South Carolina.”

Anthony Herrerra, Chief Innovation Officer at Furman University, added, “The Palmetto Venture Fellowship will be catalytic for South Carolina’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Educating, equipping, and empowering our state’s investor community to commit capital to early-stage ventures is critical in making South Carolina a vibrant hub for entrepreneurship.”

Sam Johnson, Attorney for Nexsen Pruet commented, “In order to retain our diverse talent, grow our diverse businesses, and experience the type of growth South Carolina is poised for, venture capital must be leveraged. The Palmetto Venture Fellowship is a phenomenal tool that engages leaders across the state and provides invaluable insight.”

The inaugural class of the Palmetto Venture Fellowship was selected by a committee of business leaders and investors throughout South Carolina.

To view the full class, visit Venture Carolina.

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