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A Passion for Purpose

Insignis Partners is a multifaceted investment and real estate development firm headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. Our strategic approach makes us unique. Our unrivaled experience makes us a cut above our competitors. Dedicated to facilitating trust and promoting empathy, our investment portfolio consists only of opportunities that have the ability to perform three distinct functions in our communities.

Pillars of Success

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Growth and diversification of our stakeholders’ financial portfolios

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Building trust, promoting empathy, and cultivating excitement for the future

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Uplifting our communities by creating opportunity and economic growth

Who We Are
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of Experience


Whether growing capital investments, solidifying advantageous transactional terms, or providing development support to tenants and business owners, Insignis Partners brings a higher competency to each of our community real estate and private equity ventures.

By capitalizing on our unique collection of industry experience, we provide investors, tenants, and business owners the best opportunities for involvement in community-centric investments that aim to produce positive economic transformation.

Insignis’ principals have executed over $5 billion in real estate transactions and have over 50 years of combined investment experience.

Our extensive market knowledge, network, relationship-driven sourcing strategy, ‘boots on the ground’ work ethic, and ability to recognize opportunity where others may not, makes us one of the leading developers and owners of commercial real estate.

The partners of Insignis currently have ownership in over $500mm of commercial real estate assets.


“Working with the experienced team at Insignis has been extremely beneficial to my portfolio. I feel confident that when advantageous opportunities arise, my investment is carefully considered and utilized to result in the highest possible returns.”

- Eric Morris -

“Our longstanding relationship with Kyle, Paul, and Seph has made the rehabilitation and repositioning of CRE assets a continuously streamlined process. They expect on-time, high-quality work, which we are happy to help achieve after many years of working together.”

- Will Morrow, Clayton Construction -

“It makes our jobs easier when we are able to work with knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient clients. For many years now, the team at Insignis has done just that. Feeling confident in our clients’ ability to make sound financial decisions allows all involved parties to see advantageous financial gains.”

- Carter Hollis, Synovus Bank -

“I have been lucky enough to work with Paul, Seph, and Kyle for many years now, and have experienced tremendous success growing my business with their operational and managerial guidance. As my business grows, I will look forward to more opportunities to partner with Insignis whatever their next venture may be.”

- Tim Groves, American Family Care -

Expansion Through Opportunity

At our core, we are committed to bringing people and businesses together through growth-focused
initiatives that make our communities vibrant.


Alongside our commitment to on-time and on-budget projects, Insignis Partners places high priority on understanding the purpose and objectives of each investment. In identifying your specific goals, our team is able to develop expertly-tailored strategies.



Embracing new ideas propels our communities forward. With a strategic understanding of market trends, Insignis Partners works with unique and innovative businesses to facilitate growth for both owners and investors.


Portfolio of Companies