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May 21, 2024

Rebel Rabbit Receives Strategic Investment from Insignis Partners

Greenville, S.C., May 21, 2024 – Rebel Rabbit, the Greenville-based beverage company proudly announces a strategic investment from Insignis Partners, propelling the company towards national expansion and market dominance.

Rebel Rabbit’s flagship product line “High Seltzer” is a hemp-derived THC-infused seltzer, positioned as an alcohol alternative. It stands at the forefront of a cultural shift towards a different ‘drinking’ experience. Harnessing the finest ingredients and creating innovative solutions to help people replace their alcoholic beverages. With healthier alternatives that still deliver a great taste and a fun and relaxing experience, Rebel Rabbit is changing the game.

“We’ve seen consumer demand shift over the years to where the consumer has multiple choices to an alternative to alcohol, we see Rebel Rabbit as an early disruptor in the non-alcoholic beverage segment. We’ve joined the rebellion and are excited to help Pierce and Billy launch the Rebel Rabbit brand in the US” – Paul Sparks, Insignis Co-Founder & Manager

Insignis Partners, renowned for their wealth of experience in helping operators grow and impeccable track record in identifying opportunities for industry disruptors, has recognized Rebel Rabbit’s unparalleled potential to revolutionize the beverage landscape. With this strategic investment, Insignis Partners validates Rebel Rabbit’s vision and solidifies its position as the pioneer in the hemp-derived THC beverage domain.

“Rebel Rabbit is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Insignis. This investment is a monumental milestone in our journey, reflecting three years of dedication and hard work from bootstrapping a startup into a thriving young business. In the fiercely competitive and capital-intensive beverage industry, support from Insignis is crucial. It enables us to advance our vision and continue our growth, ensuring that Rebel Rabbit not only meets but exceeds our ambitions.” – Pierce Wylie, CEO & Co-Founder

This partnership with Insignis Partners allows the brand to accelerate its expansion initiatives, amplify its market reach, and introduce its unparalleled offerings to a broader audience. With the backing of Insignis Partners, Rebel Rabbit is poised to “change the culture of drinking” within the beverage industry and carve a legacy that resonates for generations to come. As Rebel Rabbit continues to push boundaries and defy expectations, this partnership heralds a new era of growth, prosperity, and unparalleled success.

About Rebel Rabbit: Hemp-Derived THC Beverages:

Rebel Rabbit is a trailblazing brand that challenges the status quo. It redefines what consumers know about social drinking. Crafted with passion and purpose, Rebel Rabbit’s “High Seltzers” are infused with federally legal, hemp-derived THC. Each beverage embodies innovation, individualism, incredible flavor, and a unique experience. With an unwavering commitment to quality and compliance, Rebel Rabbit is poised to lead the beverage industry into a new era of conscious consumption.

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